How to Start Private Browsing in your Favorite Browser: If you do not want to leave your traces and tracks behind while browsing the internet, private browsing is the solution. No matter what browser you are using, you can easily surf the internet in private mode. Private browsing enables you to keep browsing without keeping the local history and browsing traces stored on your system. However, it doesn’t mean that it will prevent your employers or internet service provider to track the websites you visit.  Every browser has its own private browsing option with different names. Below given methods will help you to start private browsing in any of your favorite browsers.

Start Private Browsing in your Favorite Browser

Using the below-mention methods you can easily start private browsing window in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Start Private Browsing in Google Chrome: Incognito Mode

Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the most used browsers among users. Its private browsing mode is called “Incognito Mode”. Follow the below steps to open Google Chrome private browsing mode in Windows and Mac

1.In Windows or Mac you need to click on the special menu placed in the top right corner of the browser – In Windows, it will be three dots and in Mac, it will be three lines.

2.Here you will get the option of “New Incognito Mode”. Just click on this option and you are ready to start private browsing.


You can directly press the “Command + Shift + N” in Mac and “Ctrl + Shift + N” in Windows for opening private browser directly.

To confirm that you are browsing in private browser, you can check there will be a man-in-hat in the top-right corner of incognito mode window. The only thing that will not work in Incognito mode is your extensions until you mark them as allow in incognito mode. Moreover, you will be able to bookmark sites and download files.

Start Private Browsing On Android and iOS Mobile

Android ), you simply need to click on the top right corner of the browser with three dots on Android and click on the three dots at the bottom on iPhone and select the “New Incognito Mode”. That’s it, you are good to go with the private browsing safari to enjoy surfing.

Start Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox: Private Browsing Window

Mozilla Firefox calls its private browser “Private Browsing”. Simply you need to click on the three vertical lines (Menu) placed on the top right corner of Firefox and select “New Private Window”.


However, you can also access the Private Browsing window by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + P” in Windows or “Command + Shift + P” on a Mac PC.

A private window will have a purple band across the top section of the browser with an icon on the right side corner. 

Start Private Browsing in Internet Explorer: InPrivate Browsing

Internet explorer popularity is weak but still, some people use it. Internet explorer private browsing mode is called InPrivate Browsing. In order to get access to private browsing mode, you need to click on the gear icon on the upper right corner.

Step 1 – Click on the Gear icon placed on the upper right corner.

Step 2 – Click on the Safety.

Step 3 – Choose InPrivate Browsing.


You can alternatively access InPrivate browsing mode by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + P”.

Once you will access the private browsing mode, you can confirm it by checking the blue box next to the location bar of the browser.

Start Private Browsing in Microsoft Edge: InPrivate Browsing

Microsoft Edge is a new browser launched by Microsoft which comes with Windows 10. Like IE, in this, private browsing is called InPrivate and can be accessed by the same process. Either you click on three dots (Menu) and select “New InPrivate window” or simply press “Ctrl + Shift + P” to access InPrivate Browsing in Microsoft Edge.

The entire tab will be in grey color and you will see “InPrivate” written on a blue background on the top-left corner of the private browsing window.

Safari: Start Private Browsing Window

Safari browser , which is considered as the purveyor of private browsing, you can get access to private browsing easily.

On Mac Device:

The private Window will be accessed from a file menu option or simply press “Shift + Command + N”.

In the private window browser, the location bar will be in grey color. Unlike Google Chrome and IE, you can use your extensions in Safari private window.

On the iOS device:

If you use an iOS device – iPad or iPhone and want to browse in private mode in Safari browser, you have the option as well.

Step 1 – Click on the New tab option mentioned in the lower right corner.

Step 2 – Now you will find Private option in the lower left corner.

Once the private mode will be activated, the entire browsing tab will turn into grey color.

As we can notice that all browsers have similar ways to access private browsing option. However, there is a difference otherwise all are same. There would be several reasons behind accessing the private browser, not only hiding the traces or tracks of your browsing history. By following above-mentioned methods, you can easily access the private browsing options in any of the mentioned browsers.


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I hope the above steps were helpful and now you can easily Start Private Browsing in your Favorite Browser, but if you still have any questions regarding this tutorial then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section.

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